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We’re a group of experienced, insightful passionate people skilled in all the things you need, like sound strategy, elegant design, compelling copywriting, and progressive online applications. And while we have full-service capabilities, we work virtually, eliminating the hassles and red tape that often come with the big bulky agency model.

Mobile and nimble – we’re capable of delivering and executing the big ideas you need to stand out in the cluttered marketing world and facilitating communication with the most important people in your company.


We’re all about collaboration. It really is like having your own internal marketing department.

In fact, a big benefit of working with Prairie Sun Creations is that we don’t make you jump through hoops to see the status of your project. Every member of the team working on your business will interact through a centralized online hub, which will house all your communications and files and be available to you 24/7.

Fewer emails. Fewer phone calls. And more time to focus on building your business.

When you invest in a website, you want to make sure people are able to find it. We can make that happen. With search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities, we’ll find the right mix of keywords and phrases that give you with the greatest opportunity to be found on the search engines.

And on-going SEO assures that you’ll continue to be found over and over again.


With solid industry experience in everything from strategic planning and web applications to brand identity, brochures and corporate videos, our focus is on finding the solution that makes the most sense for you.

It could be generating sales. Maybe it’s retention. Or perhaps you want to refresh an old brand in a new and unexpected way.

With the opportunity to draw on close to 30 team members and 365 years combined experience, you’ll be tapping into some of the brightest minds in the business and seeing some pretty incredible results.

And that’s always a good thing, isn’t it?

As a stakeholder, you’re well aware of industry challenges but are too busy with day-to-day operational tasks to be able to address and implement pro-active strategic planning. That’s where we come in. We provide strategic planning support as well as translate your organization’s strategic objectives into effective and integrated sales and marketing initiatives. We’re like that big ray of sunshine your company needs to succeed.

Our first step is an important one. We study your business, objectives, strengths, weaknesses, as well as taking a good look at what your competitors are doing in order to see where your organization stands today. It’s much easier to know where to go when you know where you are. A fresh set of eyes and ears are often the key to fresh ideas.

Planning for Success

With our findings from our Situation Analysis, we are able to define your goals and how to achieve them, nailing down the right tactical tools required to do one thing and one thing only: get results.

Strategic Clarity

We’ve now done everything we need to clearly see your organization’s vision. With clarity comes strong strategic plans that make tactical planning easier and results happen faster.

Marketing & Communications

Here’s where our thinking comes to life. We’re now ready to implement the recommended marketing initiatives. We’ll also measure success against any pre-established metric, so we can adjust and refine any areas that need it.

In the end you get solutions that position your company in a way that will improve your profile, communicate more effectively and allow you to become a leader in your industry. It’s results like these that give you a great return on your investment.




A home page that feels like home

From branding and print to online work, our goal is to create opportunities that fit you. And very often, that includes a website. A good online presence can help you open up new markets, introduce new products and services, and generate new business that you normally wouldn’t have access too. From concept and design, to deployment and on-going maintenance, our team will work within your budget and your strategy to give you an intuitive, results-driven site.

Here are a few other reasons to work with Prairies Sun Creations:

  1. We only do what we’re good at. In other words, technical people won’t be doing your design and graphic artists won’t be creating databases. Generalists cannot possibly be the best at everything.
  2. We make sure your online applications tie in strategically with your other marketing tactics. We believe in integration – that’s how you get the most out of your investment.
  3. We have a “No Surprises” policy, which means there’s a lot of communication throughout the project and you get what you paid for. A lot of agencies don’t have this policy. That’s kind of scary.


Prairie S


Maximize your web presence

The web isn’t just a place to play games and catch up on the latest news – it’s a place to build a business. In fact, a great online presence can lead to incredible marketing opportunities. As experienced web experts, we’re here to help you take advantage of every aspect this rich media has to offer.

Our Web Excellence packages provide you with the services, insight, and expertise you need to maximize your own web presence.


When it comes to web services, the sky is really the limit

We can create online applications designed to make your business run more efficiently as well ones that you can easily maintain yourself.

Even if you have very basic computer skills, we can train you to use the system.


Who you are is key

Branding is about much more than a logo. It defines who you are and what you stand for in the marketplace. It’s your personality, your character, your reputation, and the face of your product and services. Long story short, your brand is a very big deal.

Based on our analysis of your company, a brand strategy will be developed that will help us discover what your brand should look and feel like. From tone and type to colour, there’s a perfect brand waiting for you. We can’t wait to help you discover it.




Many of us have heard the term “Search Engine Optimization”, but do not really know what it means. We may have some idea about it, basically, that it has something to do with out web search engine, but not exactly what it does. And if you are one of those people that do not really know what this is and how it works, you are in luck, because we are now going to tell you all about it, and explain to you why it is so important. So, just sit back and read this article, and everything will be explained to you.

What exactly is Search Engine Optimization?


Well, you see, whenever you visit your web search engine, and you type in all the words you want it to search for you, you get a list or results. And seeing how you don’t really want to waste any time on this, you just click on one of the first ten websites that turn up in your results (basically, those that show up on your first page). These results are usually something that you were looking for, so there is no need for you to go any further with the search. But, have you ever wondered why there are some websites that always turn up among the top results? Well, that is because those websites use Search Engine Optimization, which helps them always be at the very top of the search results.

calgary seo

This technique is something that can help your website be found more easily, and rank it higher than the thousands of other websites what would usually show up before your website in search results. But, because you’ve used Digital Marketing Calgary , your website would show up before theirs, and would normally be clicked on first. That way, your website would have more visitors, which would allow you to get more advertisements on your site, and basically – make more money.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what Search Engine Optimization really is, you now know the answer – it is a technique that can help your website fight its way to the top of the search results, and get more views. This can only be positive for you because it can increase the number of the visitors to your website, and help you make a lot more money on advertisements, because everyone wants their advertisement to be seen – and the best place to put it is on the website that has a lot of visitors daily.

After reading this article, you now know exactly what online website  Optimization is and that it can do for you. It is especially great if you run a business through your website, but it is also good if you run a regular “fun website”, because it can boost the advertisement on it, which will still make you earn some money. All in all, you cannot fail with this technique, and it can only be positive for you. That is why, if you are a website owner, you should really get it optimized for search engines.